World Environment crashing?

When I try using Texture Coordinates + Mapping for an Hdri in World it crashes every time.Anyone else had this problem ?

You should post at least what blender version you are using

Sorry, 2.8 (Linux Mint 19.2 Cinnamon)

I’m on 19.1 with no issues.

Does it work without the mapping and texture coordinate nodes?

Annoyingly so far it’s only the hdri I want to use.

Is it related to a single file? Is that what you’re saying?
If so, could be a file specific issue. Once I had a .jpg that would crash Blender and Blender only. I had to re-save from an image editor and it worked fine.

Yes and no. I tried 2 different files but the same image just res difference but both crash. I guess could both be from the same original.