'World' HDRI node set-up including Value, Separate RGB, Power, Multiply & Combine RGB nodes

Some time ago, I started (for some Blender projects at least), to use the ‘World’ HDRI node set-up shown.

Returning to Blender for the first time in quite a while, I can’t quite recall what the supposed benefits of using this node set-up are / were. I have a feeling I was encouraged to use the set-up on seeing a post on BlenderArtists, but if I’m right in that, I’m unable to find it now. Does anyone recognise this ? Or can anyone tell me what whether there are any particular benefits to using this set-up, and if so, what they are ?
Thanks in advance

Not sure. Maybe a way to compensate for clipped data? I.e. most HDRs from HDRLabs provide IBLs (Image Based Lighting) - the dynamic range is increased but rarely cover full range especially if the sun is involved. Meaning the intensity of the sun is clipped. A power function could raise the top without affecting the bottom too much, but I’m using a way different method to achieve it. Which I rarely use anymore since the arrival of Nishita sky texture.