World IPO Curves 2.49 and 2.5

Hello !

In a 2.49 project, I had animated the zenith and horizon colors with IKEY and I had IPO curves for them. I then noticed that they don’t appear in NLA Editor. As I want to rescale the whole scene, I am missing this feature.

Then I thought (referring to the 2.5 motto “everything animatable”), that maybe this feature would be included in 2.5, but I did not find any IPO curve there for the World. I had also the surprise to discover that my 2.49 World settings had been dropped (black sky).

Is it temporary and the feature should come later or was it abandonned, or is there any alternative method ?

Thanks in advance.


Thanks for reporting. This was a bit of an oversight in the version patching code, and has been fixed in svn now.


Thank you, Aligorith !