World is Flat !!!

(sten) #1

Didn’t you know ??

The World is Flat !!!

(H-C) #2

the image looks simple but yet its a very good effective picture i also like the quote as well lol quite funny good stuff.

keep up the good work


(Detritus) #3

Really funny! Would be cool to see a cube-star in the background and two cute little cube moons!

(SGT Squeaks) #4

nice!! and excellent subdivision bevel!! :smiley:

(shibbydude) #5

Okay, I couldn’t resist.

Yes it is!!!

Just a five minute modeling job, but fun nonetheless. You had a great idea.

(blengine) #6

according to both pics…the world is not flat my friends! it is beveled! the world ios beveled! nastrodamus was right! ::runs for the hills::

oh, cool pic =D

(Detritus) #7

Where´s the moon? I WANNA SEE A GODDAMN CUBIC MOON! manic chuckle :o

(sten) #8

hey shibbydude !!

Now we make a flat solarsystem !!!

LOL :smiley:

(shibbydude) #9

Yeah, I already have a solar system on my website so I just need to make it cubic. That would make a really good option - round or beveled :).

(paradox) #10

Stonzy, nice picture. One thing though it is not flat but square or more accurate cubic. ha he Just kidding nice textures.