World Map making?

(RickyBlender) #1

is there any tutorial on how to make a Sky Map
or some equiangular map
may be some HDRI Map

I need like an angular map with sky and ground
and in the background some trees like spruce - Pine - Fir
and at bottom some low level ground with small shrubs

I need to add some archi buildings in front of the background forest
and has to be at least photo realist

I did find one with normal trees with leaves !
but nothing so far with green trees!

any help appreciated
happy cl

(FlyingBanana) #2

hDRIHaven doesn’t have anything you can use? They got quite a few there. I got a few that are trees ground and sky from there.

(RickyBlender) #3

I check this given link and other sites also
but did not find one that I can use
that is why I ask if there is a method to make one in blender
that would be more like what I need !

need like a sky map or angular with background forest of green trees and blue sky some clouds and at bottom some low ground

happy bl

(cubicApoc) #4

Set it up as a full scene and set the camera to panoramic equirectangular. You might have to put an actual sun (as a really bright spot) in the sky material if you want the HDRI lighting to match the original scene.

(FlyingBanana) #5

Short of taking a bunch of pictures of what you are looking for then stitching them all together in a photo software. Or creating a whole separate scene to use I don’t know of any other way aside from just using the sky world map setting and adjusting it but it still won’t have photorealism or trees. You may be able to find a large image and I mean large to wrap to a sphere and use the sphere to wrap around your scene.

(RickyBlender) #6

but then this would need like a panoramic photo I guess
to put around a sphere

and I don’t have this kind of forest where I live now
so cannot even make a panoramic photo of trees

would have to go up north a few 100 miles LOL

thanks happy bl

(RickyBlender) #7

just found this one here

may be there is a way to use this nodes set up and add some trees
overlay may be and get a good sky map !
will contact owner and see if possible

happy cl

(FlyingBanana) #8

You could also find alpha tree images and place them where you need. They just won’t be 3d

(RickyBlender) #9

cannot take images from Internet
all Copy right ….

got some suggestion for free CC images site ?

happy bl