World Map, move DATA between objects

I am new to blender and game making in general so i am just going to learn as i go. I have been building a 3d globe made up off multiply objects to define REGIONS on a map. Each region will need to store data like , who owns it, how many troops, gold income etc. To conqueror new regions i plan on selecting a Button for “Move troops” then you will select the object( Region) they will move from (troops current location) Then select a Region to move to ( troops New location after turn button has been pressed).

So here is the problem, On LAND they should only move to the object located on the borders of the existing object ( so basically they can only move to the Next Object over) but on the edge of water they need should be able to move anywhere linked up to that water ( takes more turns to arrive). So my question is this , Does Blender have a way to LINK these objects together with the necessary restrictions OR will i be learning Python and building some sort of ARRAY to store and handle all this data?

I expect this project to take me the next 5+ years to even start resembling my dreams but hey you got to start somewhere.

I don’t know what genre of game you’re planning. But games with complex logic can become very slow to develop if you don’t use Python. I would advise learning it.

It will be a similar style of a game to Fantasy Empires ( MSDOS) , I have opted for a 3d globe instead of a 2d map , Less USE of Dungeons and Dragons elements ( No cahracter creation at start, new custom world but still want my elves,orc,halfings as units etc) and Combat i would like to see more of a 3d than original flat " over the top view", also i want to have Heroes with Abilities to make them more special and get away from the QUEST system used in original , it was just annoying micro management.

Is there a BGE specific Pthyon Tutorial set somewhere , i don’t mind having to learn Python ( actually have been putting it off learning some programming for years) but would like to learn something that will be useful ASAP.

This is possible with logic bricks but very very hard.

I recommend to manage your internal game model with Python too.

You can use game properties to easily setup the data you described above.
To get the relationship between the “countries” = game objects you can identify the positional relation via Python (e.g. neighbor of relation).

Thanks for your advice Monster :slight_smile:

OK, did a search of this “neighbor of relation” and found this , , I am just building some basic models right now so once i am up to building everything together i will need to work this out OR ask for help on another Forum i am active on, Still there is no rush,its a LONG term project ( been designing it in my head for 10 years ).

Out of curosity, how do you do this with Logic Bricks, can you provide a Link to a similar page?

change a property that is a float, on each country, that designates who owns it, have another for the motion distance modification,

so people touching it get a bonus or penalty, based on owner and land type, like if I own a city wall, I can climb right over, but if I am attacking…

these numbers could change for each player as they change through a tech tree,

do you want the units to physically march?

The “World Map” is Turn Based, and moving on troops from one Region to another would require just moving data around, Graphically the only thing that changes would be a temp symbol would show up over the New region ( assuming you dont aleady own it) to show your tring to take over it, by the next turn it would be changed to your Empires “Flag/standard” as you would then own it.

Also whilst we are talking about the world map, If i select a object in the game engine, is there a way to activate a GLOW around the outside edge and control it ( on and off) at will? Just like it does when you select a object in anywhere else)