world map texture?

I’m looking for a world map texture to apply it to a globe 3d model I’ve made.

I need a texture with country borders and names. I’ve only found topographical world textures so far.

You know why there aren’t any true world textures?
You can’t make a spherical surface flat (making a map), and vice versa
Every single map has different distortions that you don’t see in the real world, having it’s advantages and disadvantages…

Your best bet would be a specialized conical map, and unwrap the sphere in a certain way

Looks fine when I texture my sphere with a topographical map. I’m not sure what you mean when you say there arent “true world” textures.

Either way, do you have a link to a decent texture I could use? I don’t mind unwrapping my uv-sphere to work with a conical map texture or what have you.
Thanks man.

If distorted maps doesn’t exist with text, you’re probably better off putting down text yourself on the globe, then exporting it as a texture. Probably very time consuming task.

Yes, that’s why Im asking if there is any. I would be very surprised if there wasn’t any such texture image, free or for purchase.

Find the texture you want and I will convert it properly for you. Send me a PM so I get an email.

Hi Rich and thanks.
I don’t understand what you mean by converting the texture.
I just can’t find any hi res texture of the world map with proper country names and borders. I’ve found some hires topographical world textures only. That’s what I’m looking for.