World mist in 2.49b - animate in GE?

Is it possible to animate world and mist setting in blender 2.49b, glsl? See attached. The sliders move, but nothing happens in the ge. The problem I am trying to solve is this: We are creating a game that uses Martinsh’s day/night sequence. However, light blue mist at night looks…unnatural. So, animating the mist was my first thought. It doesn’t seem to work. Suggestions?

Just press P.

Edit: This is just plain world mist, not the nodal Yo Frankie style mist.


mist_animated.blend (311 KB)


This is exactly my question. Is there no solution?

Since posting this, I have heard that it needs to be done with python.

Python was the first thing I tried, but the mist functions are not working. ( Maybe they’ll be introduced in 2.6.

Thanks. I haven’t tried it with python yet, and my team mate hasn’t either…Ok, well I suppose that’s one more problem to worry about later.

Hi 3d, I’m using this as my solution. Set up the Yo Frankie nodal mist but instead of using alpha (slow, and buggy for me) make it fade from the grass material to another, shadeless material when moving to a distance.

This second material should be blank but with object colour enabled, and you should add your object colour IPO from the sky to the terrain. This means it should fade to the same colour as the sky.

It isn’t perfect, if the top of your sky is a different colour to the bottom of your sky then things like mountains are visible and can block out clouds, but it’s a lot better than a plain colour and faster than using alpha. I’m pretty happy with it, but I’ll let you know if I have anything better.

PS ignore the weird pose, I was testing the shoulder stretching earlier