World Of Dream Full Trial

Hey all, I’m back! After working for nearly 2 years on my game DEAD END 3 I have now revived one of my older game projects… World Of Dream! I am super proud to share it because it’s my first time ever making a Open World, Fantasy/Adventure game. I wanted to make the graphics feel old school like in older games such as Legend of zelda, Spyro and Crock m.m. Because I like these games very much and I think it fits this type of game perfectly. This game is out for download but aswell as DEAD END 3 it is a Trial and will of course get more updates in the future. :wink:

A mystical unknown world with a Story. Kill monsters, discover the world, upgrade your character and survive through your journey.

You can download this game at these websites below and if you like what you see, make sure to support the development of the Full Game.

I’m really excited to hear what you guys think about it, if you got any ideas what you want to see in the game I gladly listen! :slight_smile:


Awesome its a shame i hardly check out finished games section this game looks interesting i will be sure ti give it a try im so happy to see guys like you still using UPBGE it truly makes me feel happy man, awesome work and way to go man.


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Thanks for the nice comment mate! :slight_smile: Hope you like it! :wink: