World Of Pizza

Hi Blender Community,
today I present you my first project which I made in Blender 2.49b:

World of Pizza -
a Mass Making Of Tasty Pizza Game

Aim of this game is to make pizzas for the hungry and paying clients to get their money:evilgrin:
I created this thread in the ’ works in progress forum ’ because there is only one level created yet and because I never made anything with blender before. I guess there are a lot of things which can be better.

Of course I will be happy about feedback and suggestions.
Have fun!

Video-Link (

Download-Link (my website



I don’t know how to do things. I can make a flat piece of dough and add pepperoni and bake it, but that’s about it. I drop the food on the floor just like at a real-life American restaurant! This game is fun anyway even though I have no clue what I’m doing.

pizza! I love pizza! wow downloading!!

There aren’t a lot of possibilities in level one but I thought before I go on I ask the users what they mean about the game. In the next time I will publish all development files and explain how to make own levels easily. Than everybody can add stuff to the game like new trimmings and recipes.

I played the game and it’s pretty fun!!! The graphics could be a little bit better though. Plus more levels, like you mentioned. Its lots of fun :smiley:

As I promised I published the development-files in a repository: (Repository-Link)

Now you can create own levels in World Of Pizza.
I made a tutorial today for “advanced” blender-users:

Tutorial 1: How to extend WoP?

For the ones who think they found a bug or something that they know better, please contact me!

By the way I added a new simple menu-system to the game.