world of tanks contest

Hi, I’m Stefan.
Did this work for the competition to game - world of tanks(sorry for my english)

Modeling: Blender 2.6
Render: Cycles
Render time: 14 hours
Post editing: Node+Photoshop

So awesome when a great concept comes together with brilliant execution. Good job!

If anything I’d like to see more of whats on the ground in the render. It’s really dark. It does look super cool though, just a thought.

Hi. I have to say that this is a pretty good picture. Your idea was really cool for this, and I really like it. On the other hand, personally, the tank tread table looks a bit odd. It looks like it is just kind of floating in the middle of the room to me (even if it was anchored to the back wall or something). Other than that though, I really like it! Also, i’d love to see a higher res picture. :slight_smile:
big pictures
this is abstraction. not realistic.
Thanks! Is my first work in cycles.

First, I’d like to see bigger pictures, second, from the small image i have the trees look excellent. how did you do them?

Nice, loving the concept.

I’d remove the trail left by the leftmost cannon blast. Looks drawn over.

Brilliant, both in concept and execution. The juxtaposition of the of the junk on the floor with the clean, orderly, tank chassis and display makes for an arresting image.

Ya I gotta know how the trees were done, it almost looks like V-ray scatter with the box outline. Although I think there is a way to make particles display as bounding boxes to lighten the weight on the viewport screen. My second question is how long did the render take for that many vertices and did you use CPU because my 2 GB video card still craps out with too many particles:(

Great job but lighten the ground up a bit and show us all that great detail:)
Happy Blending!

Thanks men!

Trees matter particles
distributed over the earth particles
to facilitate the scenes turned the trees into cubes
My video card is 2GB
Render in Ubutnu. in the windows rendering crash

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