World setting help needed

Hi all,
I’m newbie, but I’ve got great ambitions (that may not seem that great for some of you guys). I’m working on a project A Mayan village which includes
The infrastructure of the village e.g. trees, stands etc

A sky
A crowd of people
A Fire
A sun (which will afterwards be used for an eclipse)
A Forest

Can I have help for these above elements???

My first issue is my world is getting over my land (plane), see attached doc, and my temple according to the camera movement.

Thanks in advance


It seems as though you have SOME ambition but you 'll manage.
The disappearing temple isn’t your backgrounds fault.
It’s out of camerabounds.
select the camera and press F9 in the buttons window to set the camera bounds. Make them bigger and you’ll be able to see your whole temple

Hey Arun, thanks for the advice, it seems to work, earlier i could not see my temple if I was too far away from it, but now I can… I did not bother about that before because I thought that it was some kind of horizon effect, you know when you have exceed you eye level stuff… anyway I got it now
I’ll post the work step by step as it progress…
Thnks again.

There is a blender sun/sky feature of the sun lamp. Investigate that.

Also you may want to use an angular map for your sky/clouds.

Some example fire effects can be found here:

Also pull down the regression files, I believe there is a campfire example:

The link is on the right hand side, down a bit.

For the forest, you will have to build it plant by plant:

For ivy that clings to trees or architecture:

thanks! thats a great bundle of work waiting for me…
However I did not see anything about crowd of people…

I came across blenderpeople for crowd simulation stuff… I,m lost
the say it works only for Blender 2.48(I think, but anyway it’s different from my version of blender, I got 2.49a on Ubuntu and 2.49b WinXP).
I went for some tutorial across the web including the one on their website(which has not been of great help because I’m a real noob).
Can anyone give me a clear explanation of how it function and some tutorial(step by step) please please please…

Thanks a lot.

There are different ways to approach crowds. It generally depends on the shot. Do you need up close crowds, mid-ground distance crowds, or background silhouettes. Can you get a way with billboard people placed creatively in your shot? Even in the Star Wars movies they used card based people for the pod racer crowd scenes. I believe Blender People is not compatible with 2.49. You may have to go back more than a few versions if you want to work with that.

Particle systems can distribute characters. Use multiple systems with different character sources to form crowds.

You can dupligroup a single character onto an empty and simply hand place them in your scene.

It all depends upon the size of your crowd as to what method of population to use.

Here is a army of synchronized dough boys. This is my modification to the scene that comes with the regression files I mention above. This is a great resource to examine the various technological implementations of the robust Blender feature set. If you only click on one of those links, choose the regression files and examine every scene.


ras_army_of_doughboys_1b.blend (477 KB)

Wow this step seems really tough… I think I should start with it right now.
I think I’ll get back to blender 2.42(Man should I really go that far to get BP work??)
Do you think getting to 2.42 is better or is there another way to get crowd sim?

What would really help you out is to define the shots you need to create, then you can pick and choose from the technology what you need to complete each shot. So figure out how long your shot is. Storyboard out your Mayan village. Is this a scientific re-creation or is it drama? A cartoon or realistic?

I would rather say a realistic drama.
what do you mean by “Storyboard out your Mayan village.”?

Ah ok I got it… of course this would be of great help

for info I got a better understanding of the crowd manipulation with the observation of regression file provided with 2.49.

The work is going on and progressing…

I’ll keep in touch

Hi all,
Concerning my project, I’m still progressing little by little but surely. I’ve included acording to my storyboard (thanks to Atom) a priest @ the top of one of the temple. Yesterday I’ve started to model the face and that’s what I got (Attached Pic).

One thing that’s going wrong is,

1. When I inserted the eyeballs, it became part of the mesh as a whole. I’m not really bothering about this for the time being, but I’m afraid that when it will be the time for me to work out the eye it may cause a problem, moreover it has lot of vertices in this area so it is quite sensible stuff playing around this. Any advice?


Don’t insert the eyes when you are in edit mode of the head. TAB out into object mode first, then parent them to the head for now. At least, that way, they remain separate objects that you can texture and animate.

Ah yeah??.. thanks Atom… I did not noticed that this made a difference…

Hi all… Got the eye… Beautiful brown eyes (Sory I did not post a pic, I will later)
I just deleted all the vetices of the previous eye (previous posts), then jump to object mode and create the sphere again and add the material for the iris etc…

After this project, I will surely post a tutorial for newbies who do not even know anything about blender but got the will/ desire to learn (like I am now)…

I know I have take much time to model the head but this is my first realistic head model and I am learning while doing.
The guy has no ear… I think I’m not ready to jump in… or a bit lazy…
Yesterday I’ve been working till from midnight to 3.00 a.m to get to the model to this point from the previous picture I posted.
Is this too much time?
Please do not hesitate to criticise & advise according to your expert/ experienced eyes.



At last, I’ve finished my model at a reasonable quality.
The next step is to add the skin & hair. I would like to have a realistic quality for both.
I’ve attached a rendered picture.
Can anyone advise please!!!..

Thanks a lot.

p.s: I’m a newbie critics are always welcomed, so do not hesitate.


hello sikooz

i would recommend you to look after some tutorials in the internet.

On you find a very good tutorial about moddeling a head with some great tips.
Therse also a UV unwrap a human head tutorial there.
4 the Texture therse a nice “Projection Painting”-videotutorial.

4 the SSS i found this:

Perhaps SSS goes beyond your needs, but its always good to inform yourself about different techniques and methods. I would suggest you to read and watch as much tutorials you can take ;-). I learned a lot of small hints which speeded up everything a lot or awared me of running intoproblems…

Thanks a lot Freakyfrank.
Now I’ve got work for the week end, I hope to complete the head and publish it monday morning.