world settings question

I have a problem with the new LCD monitors. Everything is to bright and it hurts my eyes, so I tend to do everything with a gray background. So I do a logo with some nice colors on a gray background, then change the world settings to whitebg so I can save the jpeg. All my colors change.

Why does changing the world backgrond change the colors of my materials? I’m not talking about a slight change here. Choclate brown goes dull gray. Ugly^2.

I’ve got the Offical Blender 2.0 guide but no help on any of the world settings and what they effect. I played with gravity and it wiped out everything at some values.

Are the world settings documented anywhere?

Thanks in advance. I’m having a real good time with blender. It’s a great retirement toy and I might even do something cool pretty soon.


Frankly, I’m not ‘exactly’ sure what the problem is. Unless somebody else knows, perhaps you could post a .blend for us to look at. That way we can see the settings and find out what may be wrong.

Brian J

Run this experiment :

Make three squares of the same color, let’s say medium red. Generously frame the first one in black, the second in medium gray and the last in white ; then look at them on the same page, printed, CRT or LCD it won’t matter and you won’t believe that it is the same red in each case. I’d bet that the explanation of your impression.

OK, so some of it was just fooling my eye.( I’m easy).
My problem is that the world settings effect my lighting scheme and I don’t seem to think it should. My problem.

The Ambient settings in world seemd to effect things a lot. Not the color as in shade, but the value or intensity is a lot different according to my tacky deskjet 697.

Sure would like to know what all those buttons are for.

BTW Thanks for the ideas. This is a great group.

There is a tutorial on the world settings at the Blender Cafe.
Here is a link to the tutorial

Thanks paradox. Just what I wanted. Someday, if I live long enough I may have my links to blender tut’s up to date. Touble is, thee are so many I still can’t find what I’m looking for.

Thanks again. the tut is great.