World/sky functions in Realtime Engine?


I’m new to Blender, and I’ve found alot of good tutorials, but I have a question:

Do the mist and Stars functions in the World buttons work in the game engine? What about the cloud textures in the world section. I’ve tried using a sky dome (textured sphere) but when the camera is too far away from it, you see a section of the set “world” colors…
Basically, I’m trying to find a way to make a good outdoor game sky, within a good sized level. Could someone give me some advice on this?

If you want to see if something works, just try it out. But I took the liberty of trying for you. Mist works, but Stars do not.

I suggest using the textured sphere that you used, but only make it as big as it needs to be. To make it so it won’t disappear, increase the ClipEnd value of the Camera (in the Edit Buttons). You won’t be able to use Mist this way, though. You probably won’t need an entire sphere either, since hopefully you have a ground (unless you’re doing a space game of sorts).

That’s the only thing that I can think of doing, but perhaps someone else has a different way of doing it.

Call me crazy ( - pause - thank you ! ) but why not parent the sky sphere to the camera so the camera will always be in the centre of it. Then set the clipping on the camera to the radius of the sphere and Bob’s your uncle. (Or in my case - father in law!)