World Space Limit????

With the Blender GE is there a limit to the space you can use? I mean in terms of physical space in the Blender ‘World’. Up untill now ive only used the gridded area and not gone out of it much unless i really had to.

I was just wondering, as a game im making needs a LOT more space as the objects need to be quite large and so i need to know if its ‘healthy’ to go outside the gridded area…

Thanks :wink:

-10000.00 to 10000.00 are the values you can set for one coordinate (when pressing <N>).

There is also a visible limit of the camera. The clipping parameters start and end describe the viewing limits of the camera. Everything outside this limits will not be drawn (but still be there).

Hope this helps.


Thanks Monster, i just needed somoeone elses oppinion on it. But wow, theres a huge amount of space available for the ge world.

Should be good


I think you can go bigger then that, just move the object with the mouse instead of N-key, main limits are polycount and getting lost of where you are in the level when building it.

gonna make a spacesimulator like freelancer?

I will look forward to seeing it. I have heard of freelancer but never played it.

Ive played Freelancer, great game, very impressive graphics.

Dont think im gonna do a game to that length though, i just want to fly round a bit and have a few space stations. Its basically just for a test of making enemys that fly around and attack you etc.

Just working on some basic AI to see how it goes…

At the moment its just a bunch of tanks moving around and shooting at you (another tank)

Well I still would be interested in seeing it when you finished.

As far as I know, there is no limit. You can’t create an object with an unlimited size, but as far as I know you could model planet earth (1 Blender Unit = 1 Meter) and not have any trouble with limits.