World Texture -- How to use angmaps?

Does anyone use angmaps to texture their world backgrounds in BI? Or even spherical maps of any sort. I just don’t see how to get the world to look anything like a large sphere with a spherical texture mapped to it, which is what I have been using … I simply don’t understand how to map an anamorphic image to the world so as to get an undistorted 360 degree background without adding an object.

So … taking this, or similar angmap (here greatly reduced!)

or this, for a spherical mapping

I get this or some similar smears, sometimes horizontal…

What am I missing?? Help!

I am so stupid!
I knew I had gotten it to work before, it was the real sky option that I had left unchecked. Really. Sorry to make a fuss. But I’ll leave this here in case someone else is also that dumb although it seems rather unlikely.

something looks not right, but part of the problem might be that your camera is facing toward the back, where everything is pinched together. I don’t think you can get a true 360 pan with ang mapping. you need to have a sky dome for that I think.

I hope I have not used up my Modron answer I was saving that for something really difficult. But it works perfectly now - yes, 360 degrees until you get dizzy and fall down - or even better than perfectly. Now I feel like that last scene in 2011 when the voice says, “All these worlds are yours…” It was the real sky button. As soon as I looked in the world panel I remembered.