World texture mapping

I’m trying to make a proper skysphere for a global illumination setup. Sadly the only settings that work right (the sky doesn’t move with the camera, it’s mapped correctly, there’s a proper horizon) have one problem: no matter what I do with the mapping, the sky texture is doubled horizontally (like there’s two sky-half-spheres) resulting in two suns, which messes up my lighting!
I’d really like it to be stretched to the whole 360 degrees instead of just 180.
Here are my settings: (warning, large image)

Do you happen to have ideas on how to solve this?

In the “Mapping” section, instead of “View”, set it to “Equirectangular”.
From testing with your texture and your settings, it looks like the image is then correctly stretched 360 degree around, the sun seems then to be coming from only direction

That’s perfect, thanks!
Can’t believe I haven’t tried that setting… It’s been a few months since I was messing with them- maybe it’s a new one? Probably not, I can be a real doof sometimes.
Either way- my gratitude, good sir.

Yes, it’s a relatively new setting introduced a few versions ago.
Oh and thanks for your tileset too , been using it since 28.x.40d16 time :wink:

Haha, holy crap, DF people everywhere! :smiley:
Just yesterday my wife got a “NO KIDDING?!” at a meet-up when some people started talking about DF->graphics->my tileset and she jumped in with “oh, that’s my husband!”.
Anyway, maybe this will interest you:
There’s a full graphics support engine for DF in the making and I’m helping on it a bit :slight_smile:

Is that animated sprite related to the shader print mode that thread i noticed some time ago ? i always dreamed of those nice little 2D animated artwork in a tileset after seeing how they can make a landscape so nice in stonesense, was giving a calming touch while my poor dwarves are busy being battered by their friends ghosts and various animated body parts crawling all around.

Keep up the good work :wink:

Yes, that’s the one.
However, contrary to Stonesense, I’m planning to keep the artistic integrity of the graphics set in my iron grip, to make sure everything is purrrrrfect :wink: