World Texture - Tube

I must be missing something. I want to map a panoramic sky picture (thank-you M@Cow!) onto the world, so that it is seamless and 360 degrees. The “Tube” mapping does this but only the top half. Why just the top half? Same with the “Spherical” mapping. I know I can map the panorama onto a large tube, but then what are the Tube and Spherical world mappings for, and how do you use them?
I’ve just come back to Blender after almost 2 years(I think the last version I used was 2.0 or so). WOW! has it ever gotten amazing. I love this program.

That’s actually the way most skydomes are done. (“Its a feature!” :wink: )

If you think about it (or just go outside) you’ll notice that you can only see the top half of a sphere where you are at the origin.

Are you making a sky as seen from the ground, or a planet as seen from space?

Thanks for the reply. I’ve been treating my reference plane as infinite (which it isn’t) so it does not reach the horizon. Since it does not reach the horizon a gap is left between the sky and earth. I’m still thinking in terms of CSG (from my raytracing days) where a plane is rendered as infinite. A “true” ground with objects reaching above the horizon and perhaps the ground itself reaching above the horizon plane “fills in the gap”. Got to start thinking more “real world” Again thanks for the pointer.