World Textures

How do I apply textures to the background in Game Engine? I went to the world properties, and added a clouds texture…and when i hit P, it is default gray, any ideas?

You has to build a SkyBox. Search this forum for more Infos.

the world I am creating is 360 degrees around, and a box will not due…i thought of using the inside of a sphere, but in the game engine, only one side of faces show up, perhaps i could recalculate the normals INSIDE, but i do not know how or if it will work. Any ideas for sky maps 360 degrees around??

A Box does also have 360° :wink:

But You can also use a Shpere, sure, why not. To flip the Normals, go into EditMode and select all Verts, or just the Verts of the Face You want to flip. Now click the “Flip Normals” Button in the Mesh Tools. Alternate You can use Ctrl+N for calc outside or Shift+Ctrl+N for calc inside.

In Face Select Mode, You can also set the Faces to “Twoside”. But for a SkyBox is this a bad Solution, because only one Side can be viewed.

Hope that helps

You can only use world’s mist properties in game engine.
Stars, background textures don’t work.

You can use a box or a sphere to fake sky. Follow Doc’s advice, look for “skybox” in the forum.