World Textures

How can i get a panoramic texture to continue below the horizon?
(with “real sky” checked, i need the sky to stay in the same place, not swing wildly around when the camera moves)

Can you be more specific or show what you mean cause …“continue below the horizon” ??? imo there is no horizon then

angular mapping, would be fine if the poles could be top and bottom

sphere mapping, nothing displays below the horizon

here’s a not perfect solution for reverse engineering, it allows me to use a lat/long panorama as a almost angular map, just with distortion at the poles.

It looks less blurry than an ang map though

you render once through the foreground camera and save in a format that can store alpha i.e .png rgba

then render from the other camera and composite, not exactly an elegant solution but good enough for what i need right now

No panorama included, due to size but it should show the principle.
skyboxtest.blend (539 KB)