World War 1 Soldier

I am modeling a World War 1 era soldier.

Without the helmet, wireframe (box antialiasing)
Without the helmet, no wireframe

I originally used this as a reference.

hmm, I like it, looks like a stylistic brit or maybe canadian ww1 soldier.

Would you believe it if I told you the reference is a Canadian statue of a war hero? (it was a starting reference, I’m not trying to make it look exactly the same)

Nice start.

BTW, why would you look up a Canadian statue? I didn’t think you were from here?

Back on topic, he looks a little pouty/sad. Not sure if that’s the look you are going for though.

Hereare some refs for uniforms if you are interested as well.


No, I’m from Arkansas in the States. I found the image by typing “face” in Google’s image search. Thanks for the uniform references though.

Worked on the ear a bit, tweeked the face a little more. I intend to work on the chest and shoulders next.

Arkansas? Hey I’ve got relatives there. Where do you live?

Hey, I live in Arkansas too. Cabot. Where do you live?


Oh, sorry I am supposed to say something about the guy. Well I like it. Cant w8 to see more. How was that? :smiley:


SirMikey, I sent you an email. Jason, you have a PM.

Here is an update.

Ear Wireframe

Because I started this in Blender 2.40 RC1, when I installed the 2.4 release the transition wasn’t an issue.

New update… I had a little trouble with the boots.

The wireframe doesn’t look like its from blender. Are you using blender?

Yes indeed. It’s a special way of showing a wireframe… kinda hard to explain but I will go ahead and make a tutorial for it very soon. I was also using box antialiasing for that shot.

Here is proof that I am using Blender…


great soldier, i like it :wink:

About the boots. They look a little too “straight” and should be “rubbering” a bit more. And maybe the should be a little lower down the knee…


i’m sold on the man’s expression.
great work, love to see this one continue.

keep it up . must see the final model.

I agree it’s looking very good. My only crit, besides the boot being too striaght, is that the boot doesn’t look like it’s actually on the leg. It looks like its attached to the bottom of half a leg. Does that make sense?

Ok, more work. I shortened the boot, made some hands, etc.

I made a gun holder and fixed the boot problem. Not much of an update really… but I wanted you to know that I havn’t givin up on this.

What are you using for reference material?