World War leaders

Figures for 3d printing.
Marshal Ferdinand Foch (2 October 1851 – 20 March 1929) was a French soldier, military theorist, and an Allied Generalissimo during the First World War.

Marshal Joseph Jacques Césaire Joffre, 12 January 1852 – 3 January 1931), was a French general during World War I. He is most known for regrouping the retreating allied armies to defeat the Germans at the strategically decisive First Battle of the Marne in 1914. His popularity led to his nickname Papa Joffre.

Офигенно! когда цветные будут?

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Amazing modeling. How did you learn it? And can you post a wireframe?

this is sculpt mode 4-5 milions of polgons. were just black spot

Amazing work, congratulations!

Very nice modeling. they are awesome.In the first look i thought the first one is Rezā Shāh :evilgrin: