Worlds Hardest Game 3D - WIP

Recreating The Worlds Hardest Game in Blender’s 3D engine. Track its progress from here:
You can download the latest version (1.1) from here:

I have really enjoyed working on this project, I will be sad when I finish it but it really has been a good way to learn. I have even been collaborating with the 2D maker to ensure that he approves my progress on the game. The hope is that once I finish the game I can use the knowledge that I gained to start making my own original games afterwards.

Thanks for giving me the time of day :smiley: let me know what you think.

This is actually a really good recreation of the game, good job :smiley:

This looks pretty cool. I think you just need to make sure to get the perfect speed of the hazards and player, I think that’s what really made the game “hard”. The other thing I’m concerned about is the camera. It seems a little bit unfair to have such a restricted view, maybe you should allow the player to move the camera around.

Anyways, looking good, I just thought I should point out a few things.

Good luck!

Yeah in the final version I would like to have the speeds of each of the levels figured out, it is just really difficult to change (especially on level 3 which needs to be a lot harder) and will take time to reset the IPO for each sphere. There is probs an easy way but I am using Blender 2.49 since I dont know how to use 2.5 ha ha.

Another feature I want to add is an above view, kind of minimap style thing in the corner. So you play in 3D but you have a map the resembles the original game.

Hey! A fellow aussie, thanks for the feedback!

For the spheres in level three you should use an empty as the “axel” and parent all the spheres to it. Then rotating the empty will rotate all the spheres, and if you want to change the speed of the rotation you just change one value.

I would also make a script that moves the objects for you between two nodes because using IPOs takes forever and they are really annoying to use…

The minimap is actually a really good idea, and it’s really simple to implement.

nice job!! it looks cool!

Looking good, so far!
Like :slight_smile:

Awesome thanks, I will look into adding the empty and nodes!

Here is the 1.2 update video, with 6 levels and a level counter.

It looks great! The only problem I see is the camera view, it makes it very hard to plan your strategy since you can’t see properly see your surroundings. Great work!

I have had this comment a lot, do you mean you want a wider view? Different angle? I am actually thinking now a wider view would be a lot better…

I don’t know how it would work with a mouse rotated camera, but it might be an idea. But at first I’d try to zoom out a bit from the cube and maybe making the view wider so that you can get more of an overview of the level. Just my two cents :slight_smile:

lol, just added the wider view (x2 roughly), i am not keen on having the mouse control the view, mainly because I want the feel of “now it is 3D! Rotate the entire CUBE to look around.”

Also I would like a minimap but since i started this build in 2.49b it is not compatible with blender 2.5+. I really cant find a usable minimap, there was a good one for 2.5+ but the scripts are incompatible.

I haven’t played around so much with the BGE but can’t you just have a camera from above which you output to a plane in the corner of the screen or something?

I love this :smiley: its just like the original, but from a new perspective and very dynamic! Keep it up, man!

Diggin’ the game :wink:
Keep it up!

Thanks guys for the comments, I am really happy people like it. This is my first BIG game that I think I will actually finish this time, 2 more updates and then I should have the final release.

I have been searching but I dont think it is that simple. :confused:
Maybe you can use this?

Edit:This one is better:


-[CHANGED]Camera angle (wider view)
-[ADDED]7th and 8th levels
-[ADDED]Unique level complete sound
-[ADDED]Splash screens

Happy to get this one out :smiley:

The camera angle is now much better, it might even work without a minimap :slight_smile:

you could use a viewport for the top view/minimap, their pretty easy to setup.