World's most interesting Gameshows.

And I mean interesting, exciting, fun to watch. I’m not talking stupid question shows like Jepardy.

Gameshows are almost always interesting in Japan, they usually involve the contestants doing things that could really get them hurt or is a big physical challenge, luckily they have medics.

Across the Pacific we have American Gladiator, it’s a physical test where you have to complete events but your opponent, or gladiator, tries to stop you and have all means to push you down or make you fail. Like these events.

JOUST: Joust with your gladiator on two platforms above a pool
PYRAMID: You see and say “hey, this is easy” but the gladiators try to stop you and will push you back down to the bottom
WALL: Climb to the top, with the gladiator in pursuit trying to knock you off.
GAUNTLET: Get past 4 gladiators in the way between you and the finish.
RINGS: Get to the other side, but your gladiator will make sure you don’t make it
ELIMINATION: Dive under fire, go up conveyors going the other way, roll on the pipe, this determines the winner.

There’s one more event with caged spheres I believe, I hadn’t seen that one much.

What are some very interesting gameshows in your country.

I think this is fad - people will get bored after a year or so of these.

they have that one game show out of the UK (i totally forgot the name) but they make do things that actually harm them like they get shocked when they press down on the buzzer if they know an answer and want to answer it haha. its very amusing.