Worlds slowest modeller

That would be me 8)

In the ~2 months or so since my last post I have made a leg to go with the foot of my mech

:slight_smile: pofo

//edit: make that half a leg

Slow,… but really nice,… can’t wait to see more dude.


This is looking awesome :o

Only crit I can see is that the foot seems to be a little big for the leg. Scale it down a bit maybe? Unless there is a lot more of the upper leg to come that wil make the scale look better.


you’re slow, oh so slow, but good oh so good. :smiley:

very very sweet, i am bad at that kind of modelling.

Well done!
I’ll have to dust my gyrocopter model off and see if I can take the title of Worlds Slowest Modeler from you . :wink:

Man if the rest looks as good as the foot and leg take your time.

A few notes from the animal kingdom. Fast bipedal creatures have longer shins than thighs. You might consider making the shin longer if than the thing if it is supposed to be a fast mech.

Thanks for your comments

You may be right about the size of the foot BgDM, I’ll wait with the scaling till the entire leg is finnished though.

Free Mars: Fast bipedals also have light feet and rather skinny shins, something my mech doesn’t have :slight_smile: thanks for the suggestion though.

:smiley: pofo

Hehe really cool leg!


Don’t take too long over the other leg :wink:
LOL It’s pretty impressive stuff though…
When can we see radiosity/textured?