Worlds smallest website, you wont believe it until you can *just* see it.

Smaller than a small fingernail, the world’s smallest website measures only 18 by 18 pixels yet is packed full of fun projects including pong, pacman, space invaders, pinball, a blog and pixel art.

Pointless, yet utterly brilliant.

lol! that is completelly random! how cool is that

ARGH, the games are so hard at on monitors set at high res. And this is so totally cool!!

Way cool.

I have to admit though, after trying the games a few times, I cheated and zoomed in…

That was a rather cool concept. :slight_smile:

The “Webcam,” is an animated Gif…

Nice find! This has the coolest of games. and its small.

wow that was awesome, nice find.

Damn, i thought pong was hard before o_0

is it just me or is the text in this post REALLY big? (now)

This was on BBC once by the way!

Very cool.

TheANIMAL, I agree with your signature all the way.

^^ Thanks :)^^

I’m thinking about starting a campaign for BA users to have a similar signature to mine so that we can bully Goofster, i know he’s busy and all but its been a long time and there have been two or maybe three locked threads about it.

Ontopic: I’ve tried for the old school effect and brought my resolution down to 640 by 480 to play the games easier, its wierd as hell.

you know what would be hilarious?

a forum site that small
a porn site that small
a chat room that small
a microchip you could put in your skin to measure the amout of saliva in your mouth that was that small.


NJROTC - the hilorousness is limitless - how about a laptop that fits in your watch - with blender!

Translation: laugh out loud out loud out loud out loud out loud out loud