Worm on a Hook

Did this in a few hours for fun. I’ve been wanting to make this scene for a while now. Tell me how ya like it!

Took about 5 minutes to render at 300 samples, CPU, windows XP computer… lol!

This is the finished image:

And the “vintage” image just for fun:

Its nice and simple, somehow I like it. Materials could be a lot better though, worm should have sub surface scattering and some transparency to make it more realistic, now it looks like its almost made of metal of some kind. The wire could also have more transpararency.

Thanks! Materials do need work, I was kind of doing this as a 2-3 hour project to test my workflow and just to have fun so, I kind of skipped some stuff. Thanks again!

Excellent execution on this image, it’s so well done it makes me feel bad for the worm! I think the material approximates the worm closely enough that adding SSS wouldn’t be worth the increased render time, unless you had the time to tweak it and a render farm to speed up the process.

The knot between the hook and the line is also nicely detailed. Lighting is good, is it lit only with an HDR, or are there additional lamps?

If I had any suggestion, it would be to add some imperfections to the hook, such as scratches or uneven surfaces due to the manufacturing process. The worm is so well made and posed, that the hook looks a little too perfect in comparison.

Great work!

Thanks!!! The hook has a very slight bump mapping on it, I didn’t feel like taking the time to find a good scratches texture so I used a rust height map I had on my computer, doesn’t look the best. I think there is 1 sun lamp towards the front right of the scene.

The worm does need subsurface scattering but be sure to keep the oily look that aspect is very realistic. as far as the fishing line is concerned there are so many variations in line that its hard to say there are problems with it but it is kind of in limbo it needs to be more transparent or less so it looks like one of new high tech lines I suggest making it slightly green in that case. The thing that definitely needs fixed is the end of the hook it is to thick has no barbs and is not very realist looking. other than that great job.

Very close to the original but ( as a fisherman !!) i would prefer a more metallic looking hook and I think the wire of the hook should be thinner with more of a barb. But then it wouldnt be so much like the original. I wish I could reproduce something to that standard in three hours though !!

I think it is cool

Ha what a dummy I am. no wonder it “matches the original” its the same but vintage- ified. anyway my comments mostly still stand. And I like the worm. I would take it fishing so thats a compliment.

Thanks everyone!!! I do my fair share of fishing (river at the end of my street…) and yes I have to agree the barb on the hook is pretty messed up, it’s been a little while now since I’ve worked on this render and I forgot most of the details haha but I think the problem that makes the barb look thick is actually a sharp edge loop with doubles from when I used subsurf modifier on the hook and then sharpened the features by adding edge loops.

so realistic great job