I decided I have to declare something finished. So:

I proudly present my first officially finished work here, titled “worm”:


I am quite new to blender and this is one of my first models.

The glossy material was highly inspired by the excellent “A shiny plastic crocodile” from cedriktrojani. I hope he doesn’t mind.

Thanks for watching and I am looking forward to your feedback :wink:

Cute! nice modelling

Excellent, good pose. One suggestion - the point of specularity on the eye would look better if it didn’t stray into the iris.

awesome first work!

also reminds me of the plastic alligator style posted just a while ago…

very nice :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot to all of you for the nice feedback. It feels very good to know that you like the model.

@WombatCombat: you are right, the reflection on the eye is a bit overdone. I will try to improve that the next time.

@namekuseijin: yes, as stated below the image, I ‘stole’ the idea for the glossy material from cedriktrojani’s crocodile. Using a setting like this enabled me to call this finished. Well, actually I could call it high gloss finished :D.

If it means anything, I thought maybe the plastic crocodile man decided to do another work of art. good job.

Nice work, especially on the shader. I like it!

Thank you. Your feedback makes me really happy :slight_smile:

great work! I don’t think my first blender model was nearly that nice.