Started as a quick dyntopo doodle. I used vertex paint for the skin. Simple light setup.
Crit please :slight_smile:

Add some coloring to the teeth. They look too clean. Otherwise looks good. Is that red line in the mouth supposed to be blood or is that a mistake?

That looks so real!

haha that’s really horrible ( in a good way of course )

Looks really good. How did you do the skin and hair?

Hey! I was thinking about how real that image looks, and I wonder if I could use it to play a little prank on some dumb biscuits I know. They’re into UFOs and they’d utterly swear that it was a real alien if I just showed it to them and said it was a photo snuck out of Area 51. I want them to understand how easy it is to create realistic CGI these days.

My goodness, that’s horrifying. You can see the hostility in his face. Think that’s what make horror games what they are.

I love it, really cute:D , nice job!!

Am I the only one who misread the title as “woman” though? Because I definitely wasn’t expecting that when I came in here and it scared me a little. Still, that’s really good. You can see all the tiny little details like the bumps on the skin and thin little hairs so clearly. I like it.

This is really great, perfect materials.

Am I the only one who misread the title as “woman” though?

I did too and found it very amusing.

Great render - looks real - like a maquette or some sort of sculpted model. Love it!

Really great piece you got there, love it.
From the concept > sculpting > texturing > shading > lighting it’s really well executed!

I couldn’t remember seeing your work before, and went through your history here at BA, it was inspiring to see the huge progress you’ve been making in such a short time! Congrats!

Loved the lynx character. You should start a Sketchbook, and post even all of the older works in there.

great stuff!

Wow, a big thanks to all of you :slight_smile:
ambi - The skin is really simple.

A basic color vertexpaint for color, two slightly different noise patterns that i use for bump + the vcolmap.

A mix of sss and diff shader both with the vertexcolor as input.(the new sss seams to work great). And three different glossy shaders at the end. (no dedicated spec map)
The hair is also simple, just your standard hair particle system with some tweaks to the parameters.

Two sun lamps and the most overused “ditch river” hdr. :S

the “worman” was pun intended :stuck_out_tongue: , cus i thought it looked like a worm-man, sort of…
Im now done with the retopo, and might do a proper skin setup.

And once again thanks guys, really appreciate the great feedback. :slight_smile: