Wormhole (For WC 169)

“This is your captain speaking. Welcome to Wormhole flight WF142 to Earth. Please ensure tray tables are upright and dimensional stability is in effect. Thank you.”

(Click for bigness)

Damn!!! It’s really great picture!!! If I’m not mistaken, you used particle. Am I right?

Yes, he used particles. That is quite obvious.
It’s a pretty good render on the whole, but the particles coming from the engine look a little blobby. I really like the wormhole, too. The space could be more black, though it may just be my slightly washed out monitor. Also, the stars aren’t dense enough. And that one bright star isn’t very well done.

But, on the whole it’s a good render. :slight_smile:

Thanks for that Digital_me,

I’ve updated the pic now.

The greyness of the background was from a halo spot inside the wormhole. I’ve turned the halo there off and redone the star!


Hey Digdaya - Yes - particles for both the thruster and the wormhole mouth.

(Still looks kinda hairy to me, but hey - until Hubble gets a pic of one it’ll do!)