Okay. In my last topic, I have a ship flying over a grassy field:
And it was solved. By how the high tech ship got to the grassy field is through a wormhole. Does anyone out there know of a good idea/tutorial
on how to make this look realistic?

I’ve invisioned a donout/tube with some kind of vortex particle effect. The ships fly through it and dissapear. For those of you who have seen the new release of Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, it would look like the transport the main characters waqrp through. Any help would be great!

P.S. Does anyone know of a good ship tutorial? I need to know how to do specular lighting, engine glows, hull design etc.


I would think maybe a lattice deform, since it will allow you to stretch the ship as it goes through, and/or twist and rotate it. Add a lattice, increase the lattice “verts” (U,V,W). Then give it some deformation in edit mode. Then parent it to your ship. As the ship appraches, then passes through the lattice, it will be deformed, somewhat akin to RVKs.

If you figured out the particle vortex, let us know.