Worms are coming back

I saw a post here, that someone tried to make a worm form WA

and i couldn’t help it, and started modeling my own worm.

this is the first prototype :

it was looking to me like this worms is parachuting and i tried to make a particle copy of it, and make a platoon of airborn worms, but i couldn’t control the speed of the particles, and help on that ?

and as allways, C&C are wellcome.

till next upate, if there will be any progress.


Nice, I’m waiting for update

man this was a fast replay…

you don’t have to wait long :slight_smile:
as a practice i rigged this one, and as i was weight painting it, i came out standing like this, and it looked to me like this worm is on trial.
so i built up the stand and here it is


Nice. You aren’t trying to make worms from the worms games do you? If you do they have flying hands.

i know about the flying hand, but come on… when the last time you saw some one going about with his hand flying free ?
it was nice for the 2d game, past that, the animator in this game are a bit lazy…, if you saw worms 3D you can understand what i’m talking about.

I’ve played Worms 3D and I think that the animations is pretty good. Weren’t the eyebrows black too?

It’s not laziness, the worms have a distinctive style. I don’t like it with the arms, they look really weird.

imo a worm with arms look like a worm with bones. the original style of Worms looks boneless i think. But if you like it, do it. One more thing: de face is with many expressive zones. it look’s again that has bones behiend it.
Sorry for my english, i’m not used to writh.

Cya 8)