Worms-Like Shooter-Protogame (WIP)

Hello all!

I’ve been working on this tiny project for quite a while (but, cumulatively, it’s only been about two weeks’ worth of work xD).
The project is, as the title of this thread suggests, one that explores some crazy weapon ideas and a few other things.
I do have a goal in mind of turning this project into a sort of two-player arena-like FPS, but I’ll get to that once I have more done regarding how I want the mechanics to work.

So far, I do have a short video/devlog thing up:

Critique me please! :smiley:

The logic is quite up!

So would moving my logic bricks’ logic to python code bring that down?

Hello. Nice work. I have no critic, sorry.

All I can say is this protogame is calling for textured models.

Well it depends. You gonna have to find which brick is pumping the fps%, but going to python will save you trouble with too much brick connections. do you have a lot of always sensors?

Thank you so much! Textured models are in the works (weapon and character models, slowly taking form on paper), but the focus is currently on mechanics.

I took a look, poked around, and found that there was a shader script that wasn’t necessary (and, yes, it was using an Always sensor with true pulse), which I’ve now removed. I’ve also removed a few extraneous logic brick webs. Now the FPS stays closer to 60 except when there are a lot of particle effects going on. The logic bar is significantly lower, but the Outside, Rasterizer, or GPU Latency bars tend to spike up (occasionally Physics too, but that’s because there should be a lot of physics interactions going on).
Thanks for catching that!

It reminds me of all the worms games with cool wacky weapons. As a gameplay mechanism maybe cool if your mobility is limited, so if you get an airstrike over you you better hope there is some really close-by cover you can dodge to. Or you see the opponent managed to place an accurate granade throw right before your feet and you realized you will be screwed 2 seconds later :evilgrin:
(or maybe kick the granade away instead of running)

Looks fun! Good work :slight_smile:

Sounds good. :slight_smile:
You could also disable vsinc - off. And if you want to see the actual frame you have, disable “use frame rate” Dont forget to check UpBge too.

Thanks guys!
I was partially inspired by Worms, actually. It used to be one of my favourite games!

I’m looking into limiting mobility based on what equipment a player’s character carries. Heavier equipment will, of course, slow down the player. There will be a base move speed for now (though if I decide to have multiple characters, I may implement different speeds per character - probably equipment limits as well). Maybe I could have the player’s sprint be energy-dependent, too, so by sprinting the player uses up energy - though it can recharge slowly.

I’ll check out UpBGE as well!

Alrighty, I’ve begun work on moving this project over to UpBGE, although time is quite hard to come by so progress is very slow. I might have another devlog vid up around the end of the year.