Just a simple grub-like create from my lecture notes.

Modelled it to test the updated armature contraints.

Intend to put a pack of them in a scene attacking a hapless something else.

A questions:
Is is possible to quickly rebuild the mirrored vertex groups? I removed the mirror modifier before rigging, but now I want to do more detailing and I’d rather not have to rebuild the vertex groups from scratch.

Updated image and added UV layout


wicked looking…kewl

holy crap! those guys are awesome.:smiley:

very nice work Surt.:slight_smile:

Awsome modeling, but horrable textures.

I tweaked the mesh and procedural textures a bit (see first post), and after many, many (I do mean many) frustrating hours developed the UV layout.

C&C on the UV layout would be most appreciated as it’s my first try on a real mesh. And did I mention that it took a long time?

See first post for both.

LoonieToon: I worked on the procedurals a bit (toned down the yellow splotching), but still along way from finishing UV texturing.

Brilliant character. I love it already ans seeing it precisely unwrapped I’m looking forward to see it textured.

Mostly done the bump map and started the colour map (both still need to be desymetricised). Need to rerig the thing too.

C&C on the bump would be most appreciated (the sample is at quarter resolution).


Well, having spent a bit of time with UV layouts myself, I find yours quite impressive. But I’m not really that good so… um… at least your better than me :stuck_out_tongue:

That bumpmap looks pretty detailed. How did you get it to have a sort of uneven gray over everything like that? And then the parts that look intentional look good too. Actually, the whole thing looks like like a black and white image of some type of insect.

Cute! :stuck_out_tongue:

His teeth are to much white. Make it a little more dirty.