Worn Edges/Dirty Vertex Colors from hipoly to lowpoly - step-by-step tutorial?

Hi blender artists,

I’m just following some basic tutorials on various channels and I’m quite blown away about how some “easy” effects can improve the realistic look on models.

My focus is more on game models and recently I found out about worn edges and dirty vertex colors. I read about xnormal and curvature maps and how to use them to push the model’s realism quite a bit. However, I’m on Linux and afaik there’s no Linux port of xnormal available.

I’d be quite happy with blender’s approach to give models the extra kick. Unfortunately I can’t figure out how to bake vertex colors on a low poly texture. Is there some tutorial I can follow? Maybe someone got some hints to push me into the right direction?

Thanks in advance, every help is appreciated


To convert the vertex colours to a texture, UV unwrap your object, in the UV editor window create a new texture and use the Render / Bake options to bake the vertex colours

Richard, hi

thanks for your fast answer. I know the tutorial and I already followed the steps. But this is a high poly model and I need to bake the texture for a low poly model. Is this possible?

Ok, I figured it out! Just talk to someone and the magic happens. If the model fits my expectations I’m going to do a full tutorial on this.



Check the Selected to Active box in the highlighted Bake area from Richard’s screenshot. Select high poly, shift-select low poly. Low poly should already of course be unwrapped and have a target image active to bake to. To bake dirty vertex colors from one object to another, create a material that uses those vertex colors, then in Bake Mode set Textures. Then hit Bake.