Worn out fast food restaurant.

I was just playing with my new express shader where I can use 1 texture and derive all the maps from it. I never played much with such maps and textures, and now I see it is quite interesting.
I could use critique about lighting, render-, and camera settings and shaders to make a render more realistic. That was all what it is about.


I like the style but the first thing I noticed is the lack of shadows? I can see shadows underneath the divider by the tables. My eyes are telling me that there is lighting coming from the lamps (the closet lamp appears to have a bulb inside that is lit up?) but the shadows (or lack of) underneath the table, i think, is something to work on.

I love the glass (mirrors?) in the background and it’s subsequent reflection.

I see what you mean, and it’s an idea to work on it. The case is that I made a big opening in the roof, and put a portal light in it. The lamps are on but very low, so you see only the top of the table lit by the lamps and the portal is over ruling those lamp lights. That looks indeed a bit confusing. Thanks