Worn out metal

Hey there.

So Im working on a project right now. The modeling is complete and now Im about to start texturing. And I was wondering does anybody knows a good trick to create a worn out metal. Something like this:


Should I just texture paint the borders of the metal plates to give this worn out feeling. I heard there is a good way to recreate that when making specular map.

Any tips are most welcome.

you can use grunge brushes (ps/gimp) with lower opacity with overlay mode to give a worn out look.

It is very much dependent on the mesh. most of the outside edges are with most effects.
check out this tutorial (for ps) , it gives a very good idea.

Ahh… forgot to mention. Im looking for a way to do this within Blender without using any external programs like Gimp of Photoshop.

With material nodes, worn out metal should be such a simple thing to do.

Just make two materials:
one for metal
one for worn out parts

make a stencil(mask) texture

then use material node’s mix node and put your stencil/mask texture in the fac input of mix node.