Wornhole_composite test

So, I didn’t get any responses in the Blender Tests section, so I though I’d give it a go here.

I’ve made a really cool wormhole effect for an animation that I’m doing, and have run into a problem. When I attempted to Combine the render layers that have the lights and object with the render layer of the wormhole, I get a really bad looking image. (as seen below). I hope it’s easy for you to tell which one is the bad looking one.

For some info, I’m using the Z-combine node. I tried rendering each the object and wormhole as series of separate PNGs, and combined them as sequences in Blender with the Alpha-Over node, but that didn’t work either. IF anyone know what’s going on, please let me know.


Oops, the third pic didn’t upload…


I’m going to guess and say that when you rendered them out as a PNG that you kept the alpha channels which means it will remain a wireframe when pulled back in? Try rendering out the background first as a JPG or something w/o the alpha channel.
Then overlay (w/ “key” setting on the render panel) with alpha the object- that should work unless theres something about the scene I’m not aware of…

Yes, I did render both sets of images as PNGs, I’ll try rendering the tunnel as JPEGs, and then use a image nodes set to sequence in blender to combine the two series of images. I’ll try seeing if the “Key” button in the Render Panel does any help too. Thanks!