Worried about ATI

Hello. I’m looking to buy a new computer. One that will last for a few years and run Blender well. Are there still problems with the latest ATI cards?!? I’ve got an onboard ATI Radeon Xpress in this computer and Blender is slow… particularly box select.

I obviously don’t want to part with my cash and find out that using Blender is a pain.

In the latest computer shopper mag the best buy for £800 PCs is this:

They can’t confirm if Blender works well on it so I want to make doubly sure before spending.

This PC is for “homework”. My PC at “work” work runs Blender the best I’ve ever known. It has this in it:

Dell Precision 390
Intel® Core™2 Quad CPU @ 2.66GHz
3.25 GB of RAM
Graphics: NVIDIA Quadro FX 3450/4000 SDI
1 Terrabyte of Hard disk space (2X500GB)

I asked for a quote with the same graphics card and it was double the price (ouch)! But I’m not sure if Blender even makes use of the Quadro?!?

Any technical help would be most welcome.

blender should run great. i’ve had no problems with an hd2700 and that card will smoke my 2700. that if you are really worried ask about upgrading to the hd4870. you are buying an amd cpu and amd makes the ati stuff now so they are probably optamised for eachother.

That DELL pc is a monster. I’d love to have one of those. But at the moment, I’m using blender mainly on my laptop (1.6Ghz Intel Pentium M, onboard graphics, 512 RAM) and it runs rather good. On my desktop pc it runs better (C2D E6400 2.13Ghz, 1Gb RAM, Nvidia 7900GS).
But as you can read, I’m a Nvidia person, so I can’t really advise you on ATI cards.

I had the same worries, but after reading that ati cards now fully support opengl 3, I took the plunge and went for it- got a ATI hd4850, upgraded the drivers, and it works beautifully- I cant say how it compares to the nvidia 9800 gtx which is the card that is supposidly on par with this one, but im very happy- working on a scene that contains 550 000 faces and there is no lag

Blender uses mainly the CPU for everything. In the 3D view you use your graphics card to display the scene. But rendering, physics and all animation calculations are done entirely on CPU.

Any GPU that is not stuffed on motherboard will do fine. I have Gigabyte Geforce GTX260 OC. I tested with UVSphere with half million GPU rendered hair. Still “realtime enough”. ATI HD4870 should stand somewhere around the same level.

Thanks for the replies. Really appreciated. I’ll go for an ATI then and if it doesn’t work very well I will blame you all! :wink:

I had an ancient (?) Radeon 9700 in my old PC, and it worked with Blender just fine. A couple of years ago I built a new PC with a Radeon 1650XT and that also works just fine. I also use Blender at work on a Dell Precision 380 with built-in nVidia Quadro NVS285 graphics. That also runs Blender (across 2 screens) with no problems at all.

If you’re not a gaming enthusiast and want to build a Blender machine, spend every penny you’ve got on the fastest possible processor, and buy any old £50 graphics card.

No, I’m not really into games… well I am but any spare time I get I work on stuff… Anyway, I’ll probably just buy that one linked up at the top as I hate opening my PC up and fiddling.

The thought of building one fills me with dread.

ATI sucks ! anyway you SHOULD , let them use blender before buying it.

I just put an almost identical system together (Phenom II 920, though) with an HD4850. Blender ROCKS! The latest drivers have fixed any OpenGL issues that I had. Before I did the upgrade, I had two identical AMD Dual core systems, except one with an 8800GT and the other with the ATI HD4850. After the 9.1 Driver update, the two systems handled Blender nearly identically.

I would be fully confident in purchasing the system you outlined.

Thanks PhilBo… I feel confident enough to go for it I think! :slight_smile: