Worst add i ever saw on the site

heck is that


thoses adds format are just horrible af


when you click on it it have nothing yo do with it

straight up look like a scam

Holy crap, I’m experimenting with some new ad services since we’ve had problems with Google AdSense for several weeks now, but this is NOT ok. I’ll look in to it. Thanks for reporting!


While we are at it, let me just say that this is the best ad ever :laughing:


im glad it will be removed because right now the site is looking like crap :sleepy:

FOUR rows of adds ? what ?

At least that little bit of clickbait actually leads to something good (even though it’s a bit on the hyperbolic side).

Those same ads appear on my blog. It is Adsense fault

These ads are no longer on Blender Artists. This was a test with another ad network that I quickly rejected.