Worst Movies of All Time

(blenderanim) #1

Since the Star Wars thread was getting kind of long, and I’m a little bored at work, how about this.

Which is your submission for worst movie?

Starship Troopers, Pacific Heights, and The Thin Red Line truly suck, but I would have to give the edge to Starship Troopers.

BTW: Can polls be edited to offer more options?
(i’ll have to try that)
They can, cool.

How could I forget to add Final Fantasy. I rented the DVD and ran to the store to return it as soon as possible just to get it out of the house. You can rave about the animation all you want, but the plot stunk.

True story:
A U.S. Marine Corps instructor at a military college gave this as a test question, “True or False The movie Starship Troopers sucks”
Some students tried to argue that it was an unfair question and it was a matter of opinion. The response, “No, it isn’t opinion. It is a fact. The movie really did suck.”

(kevin3d) #2

I haven’t seen many of the others, but I’d have to agree that Starship Troopers was horrendous!!! They had great special effects, and a great original story to work with. I was really excited when I checked the video out from the library. after about 30 minutes I turned the damn thing off. :x …I’ve never done that to a movie. Though I almost did it to “Godzilla”. :frowning:

How about under-rated movies. I pick “Lost in Space” :smiley: and (at the risk of looking like a total dork) “Masters of the Universe”

(Vidigiani) #3

How could you forget to add Battlefield Earth or the Time Machine? :stuck_out_tongue:

(WeirdHat) #4

I don’t think a poll like this works for that kind of question. I vote for Dinosaur.

(S68) #5

:x :x :x :x :x :x :x Grrrrrr…

My mouse slipped on Starship troopers, but the worst movie of thet list is uquestionably TITANIC Ugh,

to find a movie worse than that is damn difficult.


P.S. some out of those are quite good IMHO:
Pulp Fiction rocks, and Dune too is not bad…

(blenderanim) #6

I saw Battlefield Earth. Not great, but I didn’t think it was as bad as the press. I haven’t read the books, so my expectations weren’t high.

I haven’t seen The Time Machine. I was interested, but it just looks like a remake of the earlier version with updated special effects.

For Weirdhat,
Yes, the poll probably isn’t the best way, but I wanted to try editing polls. BTW, the maximum number of options is 10.

(blenderanim) #7

I still haven’t seen Titanic. Didn’t want to sit through it at a theater. Haven’t bothered to get the DVD yet.

I thought Pulp Fiction was way overhyped as the epitome of great directing. It seemed more like a lovefest for big stars to play bit parts with a cut up time sequence. Too much gratuitous violence. If you need to add something gratuitous, it should be sex (see the first Under Siege with Steven Seagall, completely gratuitous topless scene).

Dune was ok when I first saw it, but it was a disappointing adaptation of the book. I would not have put it on the list without having scene the 2-part version done for Sci-Fi channel. It is now on DVD. It is well done and follows the book so closely that it makes the first version look poor by comparison.

(S68) #8

Sure it was! Tarantino is certainly not Kubrick, Welles, Hitchcock, Leone, Fellini or Allen…

Well, I interpreted it as nice sarchasm agains action/violence movie, makin same things but greately exaggerating.

The scene where Bruce Willis search a weapon to defend himself and switches from an hammer to baseball to a katana is really cute (is there elsa a chainsaw?)

You haven’t included any teenager/child movie in your list, there are some truly abominable…


(kirpre) #9

I have to go with Battlefield Earth, I don’t know how Travolta could have looked at the dailies during filming and not seen how truly bad his acting was (or anybody else’s in the movie, for that matter). I couldn’t make it through the whole thing, which almost never happens to me.

(dwmitch) #10

They ruined the Time Machine. Weena wasn’t supposed to be able to verbally communicate with him, and the Morlocks looked too human, and I think I heard one speak in a commercial. I suppose it could have caught my interest if I didn’t know anything about it, but I read the novel and I just couldn’t watch that abomination afterwards.

(kos) #11

err…i did not see starship troopers but i saw the making on discovery channel and played the game.i wonder why did the government sent the soldiers to die on that weird planet instead of throwing some nuclear weapons there and wipe out the total community of the bugs!!i also hate the starwars series…where you will hear noises of spacecrafts in space which has no air!!i hate those action packed movies too where the bomb is always difused just before the explosion.i think you forgot to mention the movies like armageddon and deep blue sea.i think you should do a poll for your favourite movies and stars too.

(haunt_house) #12

The worst film isn´t in it, but I voted final fantasy, because telling a story, that badly and animating that badly must be punished.
8) I´ll be back


(Green) #13

nukes are expensive.
the bugs live underground.
a nuke can only do so much.

Try nuking a whole solar system… its not perty :slight_smile:

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(BlenderBob) #15

I think The Thin Red Line was a good movie, sure it imposed that war is bad but what WW2 or 'nam movie does not? All of them have some connection that war is never good (for anyone). In fact i think i’ll go and rent some war movies right now!

(blengine) #16

i thought most of the movies you listed were amazing, and especially the story of final fantasy…and despite people saying how much star wars 2 sucked, u suck! =) that movie was amazing…depsite the small amount of love story, it had alot of great action, effects, and a good storyline… AS AN ADDED BONUS, i saw previews for the next two matrix movies!!! it looks fantastic!

(luckybreak) #17

Blue Velvent has the most disturbing/scarey bit of acting in it

Starship Troopers was horrendous!!!

maybe,…but come on it was a piss-take all those acters were selected coz they were dumb soap-opera fodder. If you are going to portray a vacuous simplistic totalitarian world, why stop at the script, get acters that fit the brief for an audience the really does buy into those ideals
“yeah, cool! we are the troopers(goodguys) lets go kill bugs(nasty badguys),Man!”
But it still is just schlock action with B-grade satire but then maybe…oh I need to shut up and go clean the house.

(fullback) #18

Dune and Starship Troopers were both pretty bad.

However, the worst movie ever made – PLAN 9 FROM OUTER SPACE.

(S68) #19

That was a masterpiece! The -worst- movie ever, no director ever attained the heigths of Ed Wood!!!

Anyone should see that, and the film on Ed Wood himself too.

You are lucky though, the ‘Sexy Italian Commedy’ films do not get exported.

Italians reading me knows what I am referring to


(basse) #20

why is blue velvet on this list?

it should be on “the best movies” list… if in any list for that matters…

starship troopers was horrible. but I think also final fantasy. I watched it only 2 days ago, and it didn’t even have good effects… I think. only good character animation, in some parts (if shot from far)… :slight_smile: