Worst possible thing happened. (Repaired)

I’m not quite sure how it happened, but windows completely crashed on my laptop computer! I have been looking for different recovery methods online, but I wanted to get your input. I need a way to recover data on the partition. Now I wish I had created recovery disks.
I believe that there are linux distros that can recover data. Is that right? and which one is the best to use?

I am also considering installing linux on my system if I recover my data. I have heard that it really is the best operating system to use, the only problem is, I feel so ‘confined’ using linux. I have an Ubuntu live cd that I can use on my laptop computer for now, but it feels like there is so little to do. I mean, most software is not compatible, so I can’t really download a whole lot of software.

Perhaps what I’ll just have to end up doing is to take the computer to an expert, who can attempt to recover any data, and somehow restore the factory settings.

Anyway, thanks for reading. Please help me with this problem. Any solutions you can give are appreciated.

try runing a live cd like knoppix, should enable you to recover the data so long as the hard disk hasent failed

Recovering data? Use a Linux Live CD like Ubuntu (as you most probably didn’t build a Windows Live CD like BartPE while it was running), mount your hard disk (it’s just a click or double click, if it is not encrypted) and copy all data to an external disk.

“Recovery CDs” are not for recovering data but for reinstalling the system. If you have a clean OS CD you will typically get a cleaner and faster running system afterwards; in xase of a laptop you most probably will have to download specific drivers separetely from the vendors website.

For data recovery, try the live cd hessiess mentioned. Actually, most live cds would work, but knoppix wrote the book on live cds.

windows completely crashed
You say that like its a bad thing :eyebrowlift:

I consider loss of human life the worst possible thing… I guess other people have different priorities…

Anyway I don’t know how to help

On my laptop I use 1 partition for Windows, 1 partition for all work, Blender, & docs.
So if you need to set up again I suggest this method.
Install only windows & system type software on one partition, everything you don’t want to loose on a second partition. If you need to install windows again, you need not lose all your work. Regular back up to dvd or external drive is essential if you have work you can’t afford/don’t want to lose. Also you could try to run your boot cd/dvd and try to repair windows as sometimes this can work for full recovery.
Other than that try Linux to recover, then re-install windows.

you can use almost any live CD…

If you are new to linux I suggest PClinux live CD and a jump drive.

Boot the live CD, it should automaticaly mount your NTFS partition (place where windows is on your hard drive)
after you locate the files you want to back up, insert the jumpdrive and copy the files over…

If you have lots of RAM, look at the bootup screen of PClinux and choose the toram option (might be worded diffrent, load in ram, open in ram, I cant remember)
this will make so that after the live CD boot up everything is in ram, so you can remove your live CD, and insert a blank CD/DVD/whatever … and burn your stuff to back it up.

If all else fails goto your local computer shops and ask them about data recovery.

hope that helps you on he right track…
KNoppix,Sidux,Ubuntu,kubuntu, and quite a few other live cd’s will allow you to do the exact same thing I mention here…
I just choose PClinux because you dont need to be a linux guru to use it.
Even the Ubuntu live CD makes it very,very,very,very,very,very,very,very,very,very,very,very,very,very,very,very,very,very,very,very,very,very,very,
Over complicated, but alas it is still possible.

hope that helps

IF your partitions are undamaged recovering your data using a live CD should be fairly easy as described in the other posts. If you can’t access your partitions any more, you could try using testdisk. It should be included in most live CDs. The Gparted CD is a nice one worth a try. Consulting someone familiar with linux is a very good idea IMHO :wink:
Hope it helps, regards

Just a question: How do people manage to loose Windows?
I’ve run Windows pcs for years, currently running 5 Windows workstations and have never simply crashed out to the extent that I cannot get the data off any hdd. My 5 year old works on a Win95 laptop, and that’s fully reliable, even when her 2year old sister interferes often. I’ve never had a live cd, either.
I’m not being sarcastic here, I really would like to know what it is that happens when your Windows crash out so bad that one cannot access any data.

I’m not being sarcastic here, I really would like to know what it is that happens when your Windows crash out so bad that one cannot access any data.

most of the time I see it happen is when people are downloading pirated software/cracks/hacks/patches/cheats/trainers and get pwned by a virus.

The second most, is when unexperienced people try to install linux for the first time, and think that resizing the partitions is safe (whoever implemented this feature into Ubuntu is a complete asshole, and should be sued) Always back up your work before installing linux, and NEVER EVER resize a living, fully functional partition.

the third, is just from use… eventualy hard drives wear out, sometimes you are lucky and you just get a few bad sectors/ errors where your windows is installed… in this case you can recover your data quite easy with a live CD, because sometimes it is only a small area of the disk that went bad.

The fourth is ignorance , people deleteing things from the Driveletter:\windows folder…
Or people who have 64 bit processors, and try to force install 32 bit drivers.

reguardless, I suggest everyone get a live CD, and learn how to use it, just in case… make new copies every time you see a new version released. (updates usually make things more compatible)

Ok, took the computer to a computer repair professional on Saturday and he says its all fixed, so I’m getting it back today. The price for the repair isn’t too terrible either.

Did they rescue your data, too?

Interesting… None of Mmph’s reasons for crashing are Windows’ fault. Why then, does everyone blame crashes on Windows? Doesn’t Linux crash too?

No, I’m not really defending Windows, but XP is nice and stable. 98 was a worthless piece of junk though…

Doesn’t Linux crash too?
yes, but mostly wen you have x server set up wrongly;), rairly has major problems with softwere

something that makes it crash, suspending with a gl app open:(

Oh? Can’t be relevant here; who of the people on this forum may use an OpenGL app?

Most of the files were recovered. Unfortunately though, my blender files and mp3s were not recovered. But my images are backed up on the internet and I can always get the mp3s again. Now I just have to customize the machine to the way I like it again.

I’m sure that’s rhetorical. It is right? :smiley:

For future reference and for those who don’t know, live CDs like Knoppix come with Samba enabled. So If you don’t think you have a way to get data off of your disk (i.e. your CD burner is full of Knoppix), you can upload through the ethernet port to any computer that has networking reachable. I did this from my box to a Windows box in the house, and it worked flawlessly.