Worst question ever

How do you get out of full 3D view in the new blender 2.64.

esc ?, f11 ?, alt + tab ?, alt + f4 ?, unplug the computer ?

ctrl + up arrow, or alt + F11. You are welcome.

Shift+Spacebar if you have a maximized viewport. Esc if you went to game engine. Mouse click and drag from a corner if you have not yet created more windows.

Even though I’m not the original poster… Thanks. I found this very helpful.

The shift space helped but I’m missing the bottom bar

Click the little plus button at the top or bottom , because you can flip header around.

Lol - all those answers for what was supposedly the worstest question…

One of them has to be correct.

Your almost right
The Up+Ctrl doesn’t work, but it did help me find out how to change the preset set-Ups with Ctrl+Left or Ctrl+Right

Watch my tutorial(s) For beginners to moderate advance: http://wiki.blender.org/index.php/Doc_talk:2.6/Tutorials

Everything helps a little I am just missing a couple things like the way to switch between stuff like game logic or animation and the animation bar that is defaultly (how ever you spell it) on the bottom of the screen.

What I usually do from Blender Factory Default UI sets is to drag the 3D view from the corner with the lines down into the animation bar to remove it, and just use the Animation screen (at the top next to the Scene spinner) to do my animations. In there, I usually remove the second window (the curve window) and just use the DopeSheet / Action Editor.