Worst Scam EVER

It’s simply the worst scam I have ever seen. Why would anyone think that they’re going to get away with this?


I mean, this guy must be 5 years old (mentally). Also, I wonder how he got my e-mail address.

Wow, i wonder if he sent it to anyone else, and if they are stupid enough to answer to him.

I actually sent him this message in reply:

Hello! I see that you need my password and username, so I’ll gladly give it to you. Here it is…:

Username: See Below
Password: See Below

Let me just list the problems with this e-mail:

  1. This tactic has been used too may times. I suggest a different approach.
  1. Your e-mail and name have nothing to do with VALVe. You can fake your e-mail address and name easily with software like NetTools 4.0
  1. Your spelling/grammar needs work. It would be better to spell check your e-mail, and also add proper punctuation. You have a run-on sentence, a misspelled word, and the overall layout looks bad.
  1. Your e-mail looks completely fake. If you added images and official copyrights, then it might look real. I suggest having the text as an image, too.

If you can fix these problems, and maybe get some advice form your friends (if you have any), then you might be able to pull this off.

If you know somebody who isn’t very bright, then maybe my approach would work. But most people are aware of stuff like this, and they will not be fooled that easily.

If you really want to play games, just buy them. If you want to sell this account to make money, earn it by actually working.

Well, I hope you learned something from this e-mail. Good luck in the future!
It’s a joke really, and I don’t even think he read it (there was no reply).

Ha, great response to the email! I hope he saw it!!!

By the way, he probably got your email off your Amazing Website of Amazingness, as it has on the front page.


Believe me, there are people that will answer him. Every single day people give away paypal account info through email requests like these.

If it was me I would re-create the exact scam and send it to him. Making it more professional tho. :slight_smile:

whats steam?

Actually in retrospect, do you think you should have sent him that reply at all? We shouldn’t encourage idiots like this!

These are probably some kids trying to do some damage.
Funny thing is that his email is hotmail.com so he is true amateur

I just got an idea…

it’s an application used to play games like Half-life 2, counter-strike, etc…

There’s nothing especially stupid about that scam, as people send that exact same e-mail out every day, except replacing “steam” with “paypal”. it’s how they mostly are

You wrote back to a phisher, with suggestions on how he could improve his operation?!?? Egad man, are you insane? Don’t help him out, in fact you probably should have reported this guy to Valve.

Also, you should never reply to any spam message. It lets the spammer know he’s found a working email address.

The incompetency is funny though.

While they could be a kid (the e-mail IS pretty simplistic), I’m pretty sure the writing awkwardness is more a factor of english as a second language. One thing you learn after a lot of years online is that there’s different kinds of english mistakes that usually point to different things. A lazy US/British kid would have made different kinds of mistakes…


Oh great…

I’ve gotten those emails before, and the bad grammar and spelling is what gives it away every time. If these people could learn how to construct a sentence, they might actually trick people.

It’s like the old “This is an Irish Email Virus… Please copy it to all your friends… Now delete all your files. Thank you.”

(Apologies to my Celtic forebears)