Worth investing in an Nvidia GPU?

I know you are probably tired of these questions,
But is it worth investing in a GPU (550ti) only for cycles rendering? (I currently have a 9600gt, it’s great for everything except renders)
Thanks, martin

The GTX550ti is not the fastest one - so it depends on your CPU whether it is faster or not…
Which CPU do you use?

I have a core 2 quad (q6600) running arch linux with GNOME, if that helps.

Hi, don´t waste your money for old cards.
The GTX 500 series slows down every Cycles update.
I bought a used GTX 670 2 GB for 90 € a few months ago, may you can get a 4 GB for small money.
2 GB > http://www.ebay.com/itm/EVGA-GeForce-GTX670-FTW-2GB-/262312110310?hash=item3d130528e6:g:vCQAAOSwPc9W05lu
I bought my card on ebay private market.

Cheers, mib

Blender is approx. 30% faster when running on linux (compared to windows), so good choice of the operating system:)

Thank you for this info: I am pretty sure that a GTX55ti will be a little bit faster than your CPU - but as @mib2berlin said, it is probably a better idea to buy something newer, because otherwise you new bought card will be out of date very soon…