Worth paying for?

Hello everyone, I’ve been trying to find a job doing anything in the 3d modeling world animation,rigging,texture design ect anything to get my foot in the door. So my question is this are sites like artstation or deviantArt worth paying for? would it be a wise investment in helping me landing a job. Love to your thoughts on the matter thanks for your time.

like bro, Why can’t you get together with your friends and just…Make Something???

  • As a person using Artstation to hire artists a lot, I’d say the more visibility the better.
    But keep in mind that the competition is fierce, so make sure you only show the highest quality in your portfolio. If you’re interested in a company in particular, just mimic their style and put as many pieces as possible, it’ll show them that you understand their art philosophy and that you’re ready to go.
  • Internships are also a good way to get some experience when starting.
  • Also, use Linkedin and make connections. Network is important.
  • Last but not least: don’t get discouraged. It can take time to land that first job so keep improving your portfolio in parallel and ultimately you will succeed.

IMO ArtStation Plus is well worth it for the custom profile URLs and ArtStation Learn. 4K artwork is also a nice perk. I’m less convinced of the value of ArtStation Pro unless you’re selling on the site. I have it since I’m grandfathered in to “Pro for the price of Plus” since I was a member before they split it, I don’t think I’d pay the full price for Pro myself.

Quite honestly, I would start in the town in which you live. Who do you know who knows someone who, during the course of their business, uses 3D technology in some way? How about architects? Creative agencies? Every city has these. (Even the “one traffic-light town” closest to me has them!) It’s also fine to offer to do a little pro bono work for some worthy cause.

Most importantly, you are seeking to accumulate “people who will speak well of you.” Never make a promise you can’t keep, strive to exceed their expectations and to always make them look fantastic to their customers. No, you might never do a movie, but you are doing 3D, and I find it extremely satisfying to do quality work for people who truly need it.

Those “people who will speak well of you” will speak to a great many people . . . “Say, Charlie, do you know anyone who …?” “Boy, do I! {You!} is fantastic, very professional, really did some fantastic work for me …” The day might soon come when you don’t need to advertise. Or: “Yes, I think we can help you. One of my employees, {You!} is really good at that sort of thing, and I’m sure that you’ll be very pleased with what s/he can do for you.”

Networking and who you know aside, it’s all in the portfolio. Do you currently have one? As mentioned above, competition is fierce. The quality bar has raised substantially over the years and you’re also up against good artists from developing countries who will work for cheap, if doing remote freelance.
First and foremost: build a solid portfolio.