would a Quadro or FireGL workstation card improve viewport performance in Blender?

I noticed poor viewport framerate at only modest numbers of triangles like 1 million in Blender… Is this an artificial performance cap/ drivers type issue, to help sell the expensive workstation graphics cards?? Will it be improved with Blender updates?

this is on a quadro M6000 so I’m guessing yes, but quadro cards I think do a terrible job in cycles rendering though.
edit missing link : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0hKkJtybris
I’m getting a slight slowdown at 1M tris in the viewport as well, but I only have a GTX 765M and an i7 @2.2ghz, on a laptop, so I guess a decent desktop config would handle a few M tris better even without a quadro?
I’m curious what’s your config

Viewport performance has never been exactly Blender’s forte, but AFAIK a major overhaul of the viewport code is in the works. When using nvidia cards, make sure “Double Sided” is disabled in the object settings.

My config is Corei5 and a HD7970. Im not sure how many million triangles it was exactly but it wasn’t that much, it slowed down way sooner than i would have expected for a modern PC. But having read some of the viewport modernization thread, i think they are working on massive improvements in speed, and it sure does need it.

Hi sono2000, Blender does not profit from Quadro or FireGL cards, not because Blender has bad viewport performance.
Maya or Max use special driver extensions of these cards.
Try one of the daily builds, you can easy work with 100 Million polys.


Cheers, mib