Would a system of needing membership approval be practical for this forum?

As in.

1). You register
2). You list a reason why you are joining
3). The mods look at it and approve it if you’re not just coming because you’re bored and not going to be using Blender and then you can post.

Just want to juggle this idea around, some other forums like the Dragon sites have this and it seems to keep people without a good reason from joining, though it may not be foolproof and there’s a steady stream of members coming to this forum everyday thus would increase mod workload.

I have reason to think not everyone joins because they use or want to use Blender because it seems someone with no posts registered just so he can PM me why he’s right when he says he’s a Dragon. He also said he’ll probably never be on this forum again.

Just something to consider and think about.:slight_smile:

Sounds kind of pointless unless it comes with some sort of enforceable statuatory penalty for giving false or misleading information.

If someone has a problem they should report the offending user to a mod and let them deal with it.

Overreaction, thy name is Cyborg Dragon!!!

Come on, Kansas, one lousy PM and you want the moderators to increase their workload a hundredfold to protect you from getting another? There’s a delete key on your keyboard. Find it. Use it.

hmm, I am not native english speaking, but mostly not problem making myself understandable, but the text you write CD is a bit odd for me…am I the only one that think your sentence is a bit odd?

I never would have guessed that anyone could take dragons so seriously. Come on, all Puff wanted to do is frolick all day.

Maybe you’ll see a little differently when I post the actual message

Hello CD,
I’m going to ask at the beginning of this PM that you read through all of this message. I will say ahead of time it will not be completely pleasant, but it is not a flame, and I bear you no ill will. I have nothing to sell, nothing to convince you of, and I likely will never be visiting this forum again, so you don’t have to worry about further messages from me. I found this thread via a search on “christianity dragon.” Oddly, it listed this as one of the main links. I read through all 7 pages of that discussion, and then your post on how you were no longer deceived by draconity. I’m glad of this, really, I am.
I don’t know what possessed you to post about it on this forum. You stated that you felt that you “had” to post it here. Why? What good reason did you have? So now that you are “out” of draconity, I see you have joined the ranks of those condemning them. I wish I could find out why you feel that since you apparently lied to yourself, that everyone else is lying too. You “know now” that draconity is false and that it isn’t possible, and that Christianity cannot support it, just as you “knew” you were a dragon. Just because you may be a human does not mean that everyone is. And if you are so sure that humans are the only ones made in God’s image, then let me ask you, whose image are angels made in? What qualities do they lack that humans have? The Psalms say that man was made “a little lower than the angels.”
There is a reference to dragons that DragonsWings apparently missed. It’s in Isaiah 14, where it references the “flying fiery serpent.” Dragons did exist at one time, according to the Bible. What was their nature? What kind of creature were they? In your thread you grossly misrepresented them, yourself, and any possible belief, and subjected yourself to a truckload of peer pressure. If you are a human, it’s best you live as one and learn to be happy with it. I know humans who love dragons, but never will themselves as dragons. One of them, a christian himself, thinks draconity is logical and even defends it biblically. He sees dragons as a blessing, an insight, and fellow laborers for God’s will.
Yes, I am a dragon, and I do believe in God and Christ as a savior. I am ashamed at the thread you started, as a dragon, but also as a Christian. In that thread you were worried for the damage you had caused the dragon community, you were actually concerned about the results of what you had said and done, and that was wise. It may have been wise for you to step back from draconity and re-evaluate it, and make sure that what you believed about yourself was true, as you apparently now have done. And yet, now because you find that you were lying to yourself, you assume that the rest are also lying. Most of those people who spoke against you in the forum would just as soon turn around and condemn you for even purely Christian beliefs. They would rip the Bible saying how bogus it is, and the belief in a God and Christ being the only means of salvation being unfair.
I grant that the spiritual fluffiness of many dragon forums is overwhelming. That is why I have avoided them so much over the years, but you are reading the words of a dragon who has “been” one for far longer than that DragonsWings site and the Dragon Realms forums have been around. You are talking to someone who has thousands of years worth of memories stored in his mind, including but not limited to culture, science (which is validated by current findings), history (which is validated by current archeology), music, people, biology (also validated by current science), and many other things. I am not bragging, but I am being perfectly honest in saying that if anyone ever was a dragon, it was me. I don’t care how imaginative you are, unless you have lived that long, there is no way you can have that many memories in your mind.
As I am a dragon, then I know that if what they said in the forums is true, and what you say is true that if you are a dragon you cannot be saved, then I have no hope, and I might as well turn and blind myself to my inevitable end. I might as well put on the blindfold as I walk into the volcano, because I have no other choice. But personally, I would rather serve God, and live with the inclination that God has a means of even saving one such as me. I am sinful, every day I see it. I am a dragon – a reality so gripping that I am reminded of it every day, and at times such as these I would sooner forget. Feeling a pull towards draconity and memories are not the only proofs there are; there are also physical evidences of it, and I bear them. I have to live with them.
I’m going to save the thread and email it to the author of the DragonsWings site. I think perhaps he or she will be able to use it in further articles. I’m sorry if I’ve been harsh in this message, and you will not have another harsh word from me.
Blanding – A dragon who has chosen to serve God, and will remain doing so

Note how he says he may not be coming back and how he says he’s a Dragon and it being supported by christianity which probably is the only reason he registered.

I choose to be a Dragon inside and my feelings suggest I am one, but I know of the truth as how my father and the bible says it and that there are no Dragons reincarnated into human form.

He doesn’t use Blender either by the way.

I would have to agree with the majority, the internet is open to the public. Why take something away from people that is interesting? Sounds like someone either has a control issue, or is a little whiny.

Maybe that guy is a bit confused. Satan is THE dragon and is anti-Christ.

And there was war in heaven. Michael and his angels fought against the dragon, and the dragon and his angels fought back. But he was not strong enough, and they lost their place in heaven. The great dragon was hurled down - that ancient serpent called the devil, or Satan, who leads the whole world astray. He was hurled to the earth, and and his angels with him. REV 12 : 7-9.

Why are these deluded people always interesting things like dragons, wolves and bats? Why are none of them bacteria, sloths, briefcases, underpants or sheets of 90gsm bright-white A4 bond photocopy paper? And why are they always apparently quite able to type volumes of tripe, even with fists full of claws?

CD admitted back in October that the dragon thing was a work of fiction - it was not meant to be taken seriously - it was just his way of participating in the Wu-Man sagas. Unfortunately, it appears that since CD was asked not to post in Off Topic, he’s found a new forum in which to indulge his dragon/trolling compulsion.


I’m on board with you bro! Good answer.
A4 bond photocopy paper? Hell Yeah!!!

Edit: Must require quite a few severe childhood thrashings to become so delusional.

Hmmm, let me think about that… i’m a Dragon… I’m a Dung Beetle… I’m a Dung Beetle… I’m a Dragon… You know, that’s a toughie. I’ll really have to give this more thought.

I suppose the point is to escape into something more interesting than reality. I guess occupying the middle ground between Master of the Universe and Slime Mold isn’t enough. Or perhaps those who discover their briefcasosity or undergarmentness don’t start web sites proclaiming their status.

I don’t know of anyone who would think they’re a briefcase or undergarment.
Let me tell you something, after that message and an email from a known member of the Dragon community (name and email message will not be posted) the pull back to accepting Draconity was more prevelant and powerful then ever. I feel that if this is the case then the only thing to do is accept it. Any attempt to dismiss it as not true will always leave a residual struggle that will try to pull me back. Voices in my head saying my father tried to drive me into denying what it (the voices) say is the truth.

I am a Dragon, this I thought I wouldn’t revisit for life, but what feels like reality has taken hold. No use to fight, I have to accept what I am and I should be prepared for any backlash. I acknowledge I may not be a Dragon, but from what my heart and mind tries to tell me not to mention a pull to accept it. A Dragon may be what I am.

I’m sorry, but what’s said by the majority doesn’t seem to be what my mind wants to accept.

This topic has served its purpose I believe, considering how many new members come in it would not be good to overwork the mods.

this has gonn too far…

CD, you might want to check to see if your local library has any of Erich Fromm’s work, I’m thinking especially of Escape from Freedom, Forgotten language; an introduction to the understanding of dreams, fairy tales, and myths and The Art of Being. Might help you clarify your thinking.

You know, I am a Jack-Ass. I was not born a Jack-Ass, but became one by way of a countless number of life’s ass kickings and lessons hard learned. And I think that you’ll find that very few of the people who know me (and many who don’t) will argue this point.

You on the other hand may want to try viewing “Red Dragon”, the sequel to “Silence of the Lambs”. Maybe you’ll discover that you’re really adopted and set out on an adventure in a far away and mystical realm on a quest to uncover that source from which your true family tree’s roots intertwine deeply within the voidless substrate of a bottomless pit.