Would an anatomical dissection effect be possible in blender?

Not sure where to post this exactly, but I was wondering if it would be possible to do a live camera clipping effect in blender. Like as the camera moves closer to (and through) an object more layers disappear. I also get tripped up thinking about materials, like how would you assign a material to the inside of of an object like this photo

The porous material on the side would have to be procedural right? because it would have to be generated as the camera moves think

here is another photo to help clarify what im looking for

thanks for any tips!

There’s bisect:


but you’d probably need scripts to make it animated.

You could also use booleans to do the cuts and animate their position. You would probably also want a solidify modifier on your objects. As for the materials: You would have to use procedural 3D materials. The good news is that most of the inbuilt nodes (noise, voronoi,…) have a 3D option:


Way cool! this gives me a good starting point for learning. Thank you!

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If you want animated slice, you can use Dynamic Slice and Cap add-on.

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Thanks! once i know for sure this technique will give the results i am looking for i’ll get it

This add-on works like 3dsmax’s “Slice” and “Cap Holes” modifiers.

For assign materials, in “Edit Mode”, select polygons and click “Assign” button in the “Material Properties” tab.