Would anybody else be interested in helping me finish my project?

(Camos1011) #1

The guy I was working with who was setting up the camera and controls went awol because, he was busy but, that leaves me stuck with unfinished controls.
Daedalus did a great job with the camera system so, I don’t need help with that.
Good as is.

I just need the character switch system, aiming/select system and directional walking finished.
If I have forgotten anything everything and the progress is on my post about it.
I have a whole thread started if anyone is interested with all of the work thus far.

Help would be greatly appreciated so that I can work on other aspects of the game.

(BluePrintRandom) #2

State_machine_added_melee3c.blend (1.1 MB)

check this out

tap R = jab
hold R = super punch
tap 1 = raycast to try and swap agents (not all cubes in scene are agents)

HOLD TAB = walk slow

(Cortu) #3

I am a Python coder that is currently in between projects. I’ll help you out, if you like, but I need more information about exactly what you want. Either write out a Full Proposal, or give me a time/place that we can talk in real time. Regardless, let me know weather you want my help or not.

(Camos1011) #4

How much of it would you be willing to do yet, at the same time I don’t want you to preoccupied with me if you end up busy again.
The less you do the better but, enough to where I can tweak things up on my own later.

-Companion, NPC ( with “stay”, “follow (teleport just out of frame if too far)”, “healing”, “hide”, “conversation (conversation tree kinda like Fallout with Companions and NPCs if possible)” and “radio chat” option commands as well as the ability for the Active character to give short/child characters a boost to otherwise unreachable ledges and the NPC can find items for you too when they are gone), and Enemy AI. All AIs can climb ladders and ledges based on size, go down ziplines, interact(including items, jump gaps, hide, etc.

-Character switching with active camera switch for the active characters with a cycle button.
There are only two characters and a couple drones that you can switch between.

  • Inventory and radar system.

-Aiming System that serves as interaction button for switches, item pickups, etc.
You can only aim up and down because, when you move around you will face where you need to shoot/interact. I want the ability to aim at different body parts too with annotations “Head Shot”, “Leg”, “Neck”, etc.

-I need Directional movement fixed so that you can move diagonally along with WASD keys.

-One character you control does Parkour and wall runs across walls (i.e. Prince of Persia).
He can run up walls too with enough speed (serves as a double jump) and jump between two close walls to gradually reach the top.

-Sliding, ducking and crawling to get into ducts and crawl spaces.
All AI can follow you into a crawl space (including Enemies if spotted).

-Stealth Mode. Sneaking and hiding in dark areas.
I have an idea for this with Plane objects. unless you touch them the AIs you’re sneaking from they won’t see you.

-Bullet Time like Max Payne but, with the FOV value to change in my project like Tomb Raider Anniversary.
Like this:

-I want a Bullet Cam that follows the bullet from behind within only if you hold the fire button.
This will stop time around the bullet.
I also want the hit to happen in a Bubble that isolates visibility to only the bullet and the unlucky target.

-Small spaces cameras for crawling into crawl spaces, closets, inside cars, etc.

-Switchable inside and outside cameras to vehicles.

-Interactive Vehicles (flying cars, ground cars and legged tanks), Ziplines, Aimable Turret and Monitor terminals.

-Cutscene cameras with cuts and fade transitions examples.

-Cheat code system with God Mode, Unlimited Ammo, All Weapons, Free Camera and Level Skip in mind like the Old school games.
I wanted to make intentional corner and object glitches too.

I have a more recent project that you can work with.
It’s in no way how the game will be like.
It’s just an obstacle course tech scene.

2.5d camera3 template.blend (826.6 KB)

If you need further clarification contact me on https://www.facebook.com/Camos1011 if you have Facebook.
[email protected] if you don’t.

(BluePrintRandom) #5

@Camos1011 did you look at my file?

it has input mapping system, and a actor controller state machine that can run a ‘strip’

‘Walk to mark’, ‘open door’, dialog, light torch’

you can use it for in game mechanics or for storytelling,

(Cortu) #6

Interesting way of monitoring states. I suppose if you have multiple Property Sensors all monitoring the same property, then you could control which script was run, based off of the state of the property. I’m not sure if I’ll use this idea in my own code, but its defiantly worth considering.

(Camos1011) #7

I haven’t had time to check it out yet s, didn’t know that.
Thanks for the help

(Camos1011) #8

Just make sure that if you aren’t going to use the code and make a new one from scratch make sure you retain all of the progress though.
It’s kind of a pain if someone changes things different from what was requested.
I’ve had that happen before.
It’s better they not even help if it doesn’t follow what I want exactly.
Only unless it’s a more efficient replacement that gets the previous job done.

(BluePrintRandom) #9

only 1 function is ever called @Cortu meaning you can extend this and it won’t ever cost more than the dictionary lookup and the state function.